The Power of the Heart

Life holds no guarantees. No certainty that what we expect to happen will be met.

Yet how often to we place expectations on situations or others, then feel disappointed and let down when they don't go our way.

What we often can not see is the greater plan, the bigger picture for our lives. Often these twists and turns that we resist are actually teachers or opportunities for us choose love over fear. It's all part of a Divine tapestry, we are on this earth for a reason, and the journey is just as it is meant to be for each of us individually.

How do we do this though? When we are in it, stuck, afraid, frustrated....

We sit, we breathe slowly, we observe what is going on within. With in our bodies, our minds our feelings.

We ask......where have I felt like this before?

What is this triggering within me?

Under all of this what is really going on?

Is there anything to learn, change, forgive, share with someone?

Hand on heart, connecting with your love, your essence, higher Love. Asking your self....

What does my soul want me to know today?

How could I treat myself with love today?

How could be loving towards someone else today?

Noticing the shift. From the busy mind to the loving spacious heart.

Living from the heart isn't weak. The power of the heart is vulnerable, it's brave and there need be no fear because it's pure. It's who you really are, and that is all we need to be.