You Have The Power To Heal Yourself

I just ate my first raw snack bar with whole almonds and chopped up cashews in, and I am ok. For me this is a break through!!

I have a serious allergy to peanuts. I have been tested and told it's just peanuts, apparently they are not actually nuts, but because of the severity of the allergy since I was little it's made me scared to eat any nut. This fear combined with the power of the mind has historically made me have a bit of a reaction to other nuts anyway. I wasn't aware this was happening until I started to challenge my mind.

I decided that I wanted to be able to eat all these delicious healthy nut bars and raw food recipes that we see now a days. I was determined to overcome my fear and be able to eat almonds and cashews.

This determination to change my thought process and in turn my reaction to that didn't begin here though.

About 10 years ago when I was training to be a life coach my coach at the time challenged my mindset about being a "sickly child" someone who always gets ill. It had come from being very ill through out my childhood, missing lots of school and my mother (naturally) worrying about my health.

I thought of myself as someone who always gets ill, and guess what, I caught every virus going around.

Until my life coach challenged it and got me to start saying a positive affirmation instead - "I am health and full of energy!" I began to run, progressing up to running half marathons, eat healthily and surprise surprise my affirmation became my reality.

My next light bulb moment was when a rebirthing healer in India challenged my mindset of being "an asthmatic", I'd had it since a little girl and it was just part of who I am. He asked "why don't you do anything to cure it?" I just thought I had it and that was that. After switching my mindset to determination to cure it, I don't take my inhaler everyday any more. In fact I no longer see my self as having asthma.

So you can see where my train of thought has come from to begin to eat some nuts. I am not there yet to cure my peanut allergy, it's too big and scary right now, how ever little by little I have trained myself to eat some foods with bits of almonds or cashews in. Initially I could feel the fear building up and even my mouth starting to itch, but then I breathed, calmed myself and it passed. So it's a victory for me today that I have just munched down a nut bar with whole nuts in!!

I would never have tried this if I hadn't have been tested to know I am not actually allergic to them, it's more a fear based allergy (like many of them are). Just like my asthma was, a fear of not being able to breathe, once I realized this I could start to take control of my mind and my breath.

So if you are reading and have an illness/ allergies this please be careful and take things step by step. Seek help. A positive affirmation, deep breaths and knowledge of EFT (tapping) has helped me greatly.

I just wanted to share these things so you know often we have things that hold us back in our life that we think are just the way they are. It doesn't have to be this way though! Catch yourself when you do this and challenge yourself. Find someone who can help you. A professional.

We have the power to change our thoughts, which in turn changes our reality.

If you have any further questions about any of this please do let me know.