Give From The Heart

Life coaching Give from the heart

Happy Christmas!

Christmas is a time for giving isn't it? Although it can also be a time for feeling like you have to give when you don't particularly want to, or have the  time or money to, or maybe that all you are doing is giving but not receiving anything in return. Baaaaa Humbug!

Is giving really worth it when you are in that frame of mind?

Life coaching: Received wisdom

When I was away this year in India, a good friend said to me "I bet you receive a lot in your life" after noticing how regularly I was spending in his crystal shop. I flippantly replied something like "not yet, all I do is give, hopefully one day it will come back to me!" thinking about the amount of purchases I had been making during my entire trip.

When I got home that evening I had a realisation that I am constantly receiving, I have received so much in my life it's untrue. So many amazing things have happened to me, so many people have given me wonderful things, their love, energy and time. I instantly felt ashamed I has reacted so quickly the way I had, I think I was just caught up in shoppers guilt at the time!

I went back the next day to correct my reply and to thank him for the gift of that realisation. You see, again I had received something.

Often what we receive does not come from the same source we have given to. How many unexpected events, gifts, kind words have come to you when you were least expecting them?

I spoke to a friend the other day who was feeling a little depleted from so much giving at work but not getting anything in return. After our conversation she thanked me for helping her to realise all the other people in her life, outside from work, who have given to her this week.

The spiritual law of giving and receiving is that the universe operates through dynamic exchange. Consider your breath for example. Try breathing in then holding your breath for as long as possible. Notice how uncomfortable it feels to hold on to something that is supposed to be released. The same discomfort comes from breathing out and holding your breath, not allowing yourself to take in what is naturally yours.

Any time we are holding on to something, maybe feeling a sense of lack, it doesn't feel good. These negative feelings will have an impact on your energy, your thoughts, your emotions and your physical body.

Life coaching: Give unconditionally

When you give unconditionally from your heart it is a joyful experience. Giving does not have to be about money as we so often believe it is. It could be your time, your words, your kindness, your wisdom anything that is for the highest good of the other being.

Yes Christmas can feel a bit like a commercial opportunity at times but what it really is about is love. Love and connection.

So this Christmas give from the heart. What ever you can give it unconditionally with out expecting anything in return and enjoy the magic unfold. In fact continue this way from this moment forward, it's simply our natural way of being.

Thank you for reading my blog this year, I am grateful for every single one of you that reads it!

Lots of love