Create Yourself....Every Day!

I was walking around the Holy Lake at Pushkar, Rajasthan a few days ago and a Holy man started to talk to me. At the end of our conversation I said to him "Have a Good Day!", to which he replied "Every day is a good day, it's just the mind that makes it bad". It was such a great line and so true. How we feel day to day is up to us. How we react, feel and be in each situation is our choice. We have the ability to create how we are going to be every minute of the day. What do I mean by this? Well, in any situation you have the power to ask yourself how you want to be, what personality trait do you want to use, what action you want to take. You have every quality you need within, you do not need to look outside to find it. Happiness, peace, love, compassion, excitement, passion,'s all in there. So often we look outside ourselves to find ourselves, but it's already there you just have to focus on it and choose it. Any time you can draw upon your inner resources and choose how you react and be.

At some level you create what you experience, what you think about becomes your reality. There would have been a time when you decided you didn't like something, that it upset you and from then on it will have continued to. This will carry on until you change your way of thinking.

To make a change first of you you have to accept it, accept that at some level you will have chosen to feel this way and then acknowledge that it doesn't work for you any more. In the past it may have served you to feel this way but right now it no longer does.

Then ask yourself how do you want to be in the world, how do you want to show up to yourself and others. What way of being would serve you well right now.

Next focus on this, draw upon your inner resources and set your intention to be the way you choose right now.

An example could be in a situation that makes you angry, in the past you may have chosen to fight back, to shout, to get aggressive and may be back then this worked well for you. However if being this way no longer serves you, if it doesn't work for you to lash out at people think about how you would like to be instead. Then focus on being that way instead. Just see how it works for you.

George Bernard Shaw once said "Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself". This is exactly what I am saying here. You already have everything you need within and you have the power to choose what you feel, do, be and have every single moment of the day. Our company Create Yourself aims to help you and empower you to create a life you love and be your true magnificent Self.

Enjoy Creating Yourself every single day!