What's In The Shops This Spring

  Spring is only 5 days away.....yes that's right, on 20th March is the Spring Equinox. Hoorah! Personally I can't wait to get out of thick heavy winter clothes and into some prettier feminine outfits. There are lots of lovely new clothes in the shops right now, lots of different colours and styles to choose from. Following are some of my favourite ones to look out for:

mint dress Mint

This is one of the seasons big colours. It will look great with anyone with light colouring. If you have darker colouring and still want to wear it, teem it with black to create a contrast.

I love this dress from Anthropologie, it's the brighter end of the mint spectrum.




Designers have bought back a clean pure minimal feel to clothes to replace lots of the fussiness over the past few seasons.

This dress from Reiss is a perfect example, it's also in mint but at the lighter end of the shade.

This style is perfect for those people that don't like lots of accessories, detail and fuss. Just pure simple style.


ginger dressPatchwork

Completely different from minimal is the patchwork style, the mixing of different fabrics, textures and colours. When used cleverly this is a great style to cover up any lumps and bumps you wish to hide! It does not have to be over the top as you can see in this unsual dress from Anthropologie, who are fantastic for unusual and pretty pieces.

This is a great light options for someone with Autumnal colouring, team it with a brown cardi or pick out one of the green shades.



jacketThe oriental jacket

This is a fantastic jacket to wear with simple summer clothing, it will jazz up just a pair of jeans and a vest top perfectly. Look out for boxy shapes and mirror detailing like this one from Monsoon.

I also love this more glamorous one from French Connection.

Statement jackets really can make an outfit, they are especially useful for meetings and those chillier Spring/Summer days.





Yep cowboy boots are back in fashion, yee ha! They are so perfect for festivals and look great with dresses/shorts.

These ones from Kurt Geiger will be really flattering as they have that all important V at the front and back which elongates and slims your legs, plus the taupe colour will be kinder on pale legs rather than black. Perfect!




Floral Shirts

Flowery shirts are an easy way to lighten up and bring spring into your wardrobe. They'll look great with faded jeans or denim shorts.

I love this one on My Wardrobe by Hermoine de Paula

The Pencil Skirt

The pencil skirt is back with a vengeance, it's so great for hour glass shapes who like to show off their curves and if your body line is straight. Ted Baker have some great ones, they also have a few pleated skirts which are still fashionable from last year. You can see the whole range via this link.

As you can see there are all sorts of styles to choose from, eclectic, minimalist, festival chic, colourful, feminine.....the most important thing to do is to choose what feels right for you. Clothes are a way of showing the world your personality and how amazing you are, when you do this you will feel amazing and shine.