5 Spring Cleans to Welcome in New Energy!

  It's that time of year where we are all starting to wake up. I know I am feeling this for sure; sunshine, a bit of warmth and suddenly I am filled with more energy and inspiration. It's a time for new beginnings, being in action and creation.

It's also a perfect time for a spring clean, but not just of your home. Spring cleans are the perfect opportunity to clear out the old stuff, with stale stagnant energy that no longer serves you, to make room for the new.

Here are my top 5 re-energising spring cleans that are great to do around this time;

1: Email Junk

How much time do you spend in the morning sifting through emails you don't actually read. Have you signed up for newsletters and updates that no longer interest you any more?

Make a list of the sites you read regularly, that you find interesting and stimulate your mind.

Then un-subscribe from the rest. Yes it may take a little time but think how much simpler your inbox will be in the morning plus you know that the emails you do get will actually be of interest.

2. Ex Junk

Do you still have his/her stuff hanging around the place? Do you still have text's saved just in case you want to look over them one more time? Are you still getting a running commentary of their life via Facebook? If this is causing you pain bin, delete, hide. Get rid of their stuff, as hard as it is to rip off that band aid once it's done you will be freed up to get on with your life, mentally and emotionally.

I read somewhere recently that people find it harder to deal with deleting ex's from Facebook and longer to get over because they could still search for them and view their profile anonymously. The article recommended blocking them so they don't show up in search results either.

The sooner you can clear the junk the sooner you can get over the relationship and move on. Enlist the aid of a good friend if moral support, and maybe wine, is needed!

3. Toxin Junk

Is your body jumpy and irritable from too much sugar, caffeine, or alcohol? Are you feeling bloated from consuming foods and drinks that disagree with you? Is your sleep broken and are you constantly feeling tired?

Then maybe it's time for a spring detox! Now I am no expert on detox's but from my experience cutting out caffeine, sugar, alcohol  wheat, diary and meat can leave you feeling amazing. My sleep improves, I have less cravings, I feel slimmer and emotionally balanced.

Out of all of those sugar is hardest for me, it's so addictive. Once I have gone through a few days though the cravings do lessen. It helps to replace that chocolate fix with something healthy, so you still feel like you are eating something. Seeds are a great snack, slow release and tasty of you sauté them in a bit of soy sauce and chilli.

Research, ask what has worked for friends, speak to a nutritionist (I can recommend you mine)  and find a detox that feels right for you.

4. Old Clothes Junk

We change over time, who we were 10 or even 2 years ago will have evolved. Some of the clothes in your wardrobe will no longer feel like "you". This often happens when we go through major life changes like having a baby, coming out of a relationship, getting married, relocating, starting a new career and so on. Our values shift, what is important to us changes.

Now is a great time to look through your wardrobe and ask yourself is it a true reflection of who you are now? Try on things you have not worn in a while and honestly review if they really are "you"still. Are you hanging on to them out of sentimentality?

Ditching old "stale" clothes will make room for clothes that reflect your new energy, the person you are now to shine your light into the world.

I've been busy recently helping my image clients with this, it's such an empowering and releasing exercise to do. It can also feel quite overwhelming and daunting, if you feel like you need some help please do let me know; [email protected]

5. Habits Junk

How healthy are your habits? Do you have habits that serve and support you in living the life you love or hold you back. To explore this I suggest for the next couple of days noticing what your habits are, what you do regularly without consciously thinking about. May be there is a habit that you have been wanting to shift for a while, Spring's new energy is a perfect time to do this.

It takes 21 days to build a new habit, so the trick is to think of something new, something healthy, that will positively replace your unwanted one. Then with all your will power do this daily for the next 21 days. after this time it will get easier.

If you have no habits to release, then it could still be fun to consider are there any new habits that would support you in what you want to achieve. A few healthy habits could be things like:

  1. Getting out into the fresh air every day
  2. Experiencing mindfulness daily, for example sitting outside and just watching the birds/ the sea/ a flower. A few moments of completely being in the moment.
  3. Meditation
  4. Regular exercise
  5. Fruit every day
  6. Telling someone you love them each day
  7. Planning to do something that will make you smile each day
  8. Prayer
  9. Writing down what you are grateful for each day
  10. Writing a diary

The list could go on and on! Find one that feels good for you.

Harness the energy of spring to make these changes in your life and embrace the "new" it brings towards you!

Enjoy the sunshine x