How to Make the Most of Spring's Energy

As we emerge from Winters darkness and hibernation new ideas and plans start to rise. The lighter days encourage our own energy levels, and now is a perfect time to be putting plans in place and be taking steps towards your dreams.

It can be easy with all these new ideas and Spring energy to become a little scattered if we are not careful and not able to focus. In Chinese Meridian Theory Spring is related to Wood and I love the metaphor of a tree with deep roots growing up to the sky and branching out with all it's leaves and blossom. 

We need our roots, our presence, our connection to our higher self before we start taking actions, spreading our branches and bearing our fruits. Otherwise our goals might be connected with things we feel we "should" be doing, which might be coming from a place of comparison to others, family/ friends values rather than our own and not feeling enough. Or we might just feel overwhelmed and not know where to begin.

If you relate to this and are feeling a bit all over the place with everything and where to begin. Here are a few pointer to get going....

1) Start with the breath. Taking sometime and breath equally in for 6 and out for 6 and been scientifically proven to strengthen our parasympathetic nervous system and reset our whole system. I highly recommend buying a book called The Healing Power of the Breath, by Dr Richard Brown,  as part of this book you will get a CD that guides you through a 20 minute breathing practice. This done daily will bring you back to your True Self, that part of you that is always peaceful, loving, kind and present.

2) Once you have connected with your higher Self in this state start to write what is most important to you right now, what are your dreams. Write it all out with as much detail as possible and include how you will feel once you have created it.

3) Make a vision board

4) Create a plan....brainstorm all you believe right now that you'll need to do to make this happen (bearing in mind you won't know everything yet) and then break down your vision in to monthly chunks. Be realistic with time frames, commitments,  and don't over load yourself. 

5) From this plan you will be able to break it down even further into weekly steps you will need to take and pop these in your diary so they are scheduled in and prioritise them.

6) Notice distractions, what takes you away from making these much as we want to make changes sometimes there is a part of us that wants to keep us were we are. We self sabotage by going out drinking instead or watching TV or getting lost for hours in social media. Making changes does require discipline but thankfully they more we focus and get the wheels in motion the more it starts to flow. In Yoga there is a self practice called Tapas, which means when we stick to something that is good for us even when we don't feel like it we burn away the inner fire of doubt or fear that can make us feel like something it's possible. It strengthens our will power and shows us we can do anything when we put our minds to it.

7).......and of course make sure to have fun, breaks and get out in nature. Life is all about balance and we get our energy from what lifts us and from Nature. We can get our most inspired ideas when we are in Nature. Make sure amongst all your effort you also have time to get outdoors and to do things you find fun. 

In Chinese Meridian Theory the Liver meridian line is linked to Spring and it's said to house our purpose in life. A healthy Liver line is linked with being able to move forward in life,  follow your life's purpose, to organise and plan. When we're living our purpose our emotions are lifted and we know we are on the right path. The Liver energy loves to move, to walk, to stretch, to twist, to do things that involve coordination, to be creative and of course to balance all of this action with good quality rest and relaxation.

If you feel like you still can't see the wood from the trees and would like some help with any changes you'd like to make please do get in touch. I have been a life coach for 10 years and love to help people move forward with what ever serves them. ([email protected])


Louise xx