Dealing With Change

One thing we can all be certain of is that life never stays the same. Just like the seasons our lives ebb and flow, new people, situations, things, appear and go.

Change is inevitable yet can cause us much disturbance when we resist the change.

Or sometimes we embrace the change yet still it effects us in some way.

For example in the past 7 months I have moved in with my partner, got married and now have 2 step children coming to stay every other weekend. It's all amazing and I still can't quite believe it's all happened so quickly.

However, there was a point recently when I just needed a couple of days down time on my own. I'd gone from living on my own with all the time and space I needed to suddenly a very full life! Once I had some space to reflect I noticed that my inner child was reacting to everything getting so busy, although it was what I wholeheartedly wanted it was just a bit of a shock to the system! My body started to give me signs I needed to rest with tiredness and injury.

We don't always choose a change in lifestyle though; relationships break up, jobs are lost, babies appear unexpectedly, people die, we're forced to move and so on.

Unexpected change can send us into a state of fear, anxiety, depression and if not dealt with early on, illness.

So how to deal with change, whether we like it or not. I suggest connecting to the one thing that doesn't change. Your centre.

Your centre is a place you can trust. It's that peaceful place with in you, with that sense of just being. It's away from the busy chattering mind, it's deep within your belly. It's your feeling, intuitive centre that is able to listen to the voice of your heart. It's where your sense of balance comes from.

How to connect with this place?

Place your hands on your belly, draw your attention deep within and breath slowly into this area, until you experience the feeling of peace washing over you. I suggest doing this for at least 10 minutes at a time.

Another way to connect is through the earth, feel your feet on the ground, stand tall and breathe deeply. Relax the mid line of your body from forehead, chest, to stomach.

Find quiet places in nature away from everything, let yourself relax and let nature restore your peace.

Taking just a few minutes in the midst of what seems like chaos to connect and restore your natural state of peace will help you to think clearly and to answer truthfully questions like:

What can I do to nurture myself during this time of change?

What can I do to make a difference in this situation?

What do I need?

If nothing ever changed and we never got out of out comfort zone we would never learn or grow. Change keeps us moving forward, evolving. Sometimes we can't see it when we are in the midst of upset around it but then look back later as say "ah I see what that had to happen now".

If there are changes you want to make in your life but are scared, again connecting to this peaceful place with in you will also connect you to your inner strength, to your natural power of being able to take steps forward even when a bit scared, knowing that what ever happens you will be ok. Knowing that you deserve to live a full life, full of love and of your choosing. You don't have to put up with second best.

If I can help any further please do let me know.


Louise x