Why You Should Be Lifting Weights

  Posted by Louise but written by Michael!

Let’s be honest, if given the choice, chances are you’re always going to pick cardio for your workout. Why should you be lifting weights? Cardio is where the real calorie burn is, right? Yes it’s true; cardio is a great good way to burn lots of calories fast. And when we hit the gym, or the road, or whatever form your exercise takes, we all want to burn calories. But what if there were a way to burn more calories all day long? A way to ensure every workout you got was a calorie burner? It’s possible and it’s why you should be lifting weights.

Cardio activities like running are definitely going to torch a ton of calories in a short period of time. But lifting weights allows your body to burn more calories for a longer period of time. Lifting weights builds muscles and muscles burn more calories than fat at rest. So the more muscle tissue you have in your body, the more calories your body is burning all the time, whether it’s a during a quick run or lying on the sofa.

Besides helping you to become a much more effective calorie-burning machine, lifting weights and building muscles are helpful to all systems in your body.


Other reasons why you should be lifting weights:

• Protects your joints and back. The more muscles you have the more power and strength you have to lift objects. That means you are putting less strain on your joints and back.

• Helps fight free radicals. Research has shown that when individuals lift weights on a regular basis, they have less damage to their body from free radicals than sedentary individuals.

• Strengthens your bones. Lifting weights allows your bones to grow. By lifting weights you put pressure on your bones and surrounding muscles, which increases your bone mineral density. This higher level of BMD is what prevents osteoporosis. Studies have shown that resistance training can even repair bones that have already seen significant bone loss.

• Improves your looks. Lean muscle tissue just looks better than fat. It’s tighter and smoother than fat, which tends to be lumpy and sag.

• Makes you feel great! Besides looking better, when you lift weights you’ll feel better too. All those endorphins you are releasing through exercise boosts your mood. And then when you look in the mirror your positive feelings will be validated.