If you are feeling stressed, tense with a mind full of worries or regrets then this is the package for you. As the name suggests this Combination of Yoga and Reiki will help to calm your mind and to feel peaceful no matter what is going on around you. It will give you the tools to manage a stressful life style so that you're state of mind, health, relationships or sleep no longer have to be affected.

What's included?
·      6 x Personal Yoga sessions
·      3 deeply relaxing Reiki healing sessions




Through this time together we will cover all I have learned about truly loving yourself; to put your feelings and desires first, to treat your body with care, to fully express your needs and truth, to shower yourself with forgiveness and compassion. We will also look at what ways of thinking are sabotaging you from really honouring yourself, we'll create new positive practices and beliefs to help support you lovingly every day.

Whats included?
·     12 coaching sessions
·     3 Reiki sessions
·     3 Personal Yoga sessions


Are you looking to create change in your life but keep putting it off? Our beliefs and fears, and patterns of thinking can hold us back from doing what we love. We all need guidance and support in life Life coaching and NLP arm you with the tools you need..

We'll create a clear goal, a strategy of how you'll achieve them. We'll look at what might be getting in the way and work on your mindset. It's also like having your own personal manager to keep you in action.

What's included? 13 sessions of personal life coaching and NLP, over 6 months. In-person or skype.


Does what you wear communicate to the world how amazing you are? Do you feel fantastic in what you wear? If the answer is no, then this is the package for you!

The clothes you wear should be an extension of you. You'll feel good in clothes that express your true self and that compliment your natural colouring and body shape. Through this course you will learn how to do this.

What's included?
·            Image coaching and consultation  session
·      Wardrobe management and Personal shopping